Internet location services

Fiber optics. Cable. DSL. Dedicated Circuits. T1. Satellite & more...

We search 100's of Internet Services Providers so you don't have to. Get the best price. Get the fastest speed. Replace that unreliable ISP. Get what you did'nt think was possible in your area. We make it happen!

About Us:

We represent 100’s of Internet Service Providers nationwide as a certified re-seller to help their potential business customers find them. A few things you should know before we begin.

There is no markup to use our service. If you call the ISP we find for you directly the price will be the same, the terms will be the same and the down payment or installation fee (if any) will be the same and we will still get our registered commission if you move forward with installation. 

If a down payment or installation fee is needed by the ISP sometimes it’s an option to choose a longer term of service that might make your down payment or installation fee be $0.

In each area we typically yield about 3-5 options for the internet for you. It takes about 4 to 6 days to get all the ISP’s to bid on your pricing and speed options.

If no Internet service providers are available in your area in most cases we can get a quote form the ISP’s construction services to bring that fiber or copper line to you. This service might have a fee for the on-site surveys but in most cases there is not unless you are miles away from service. 

I really thought Internet Location Services wouldn't find us any better options. I'm so glad we took the chance! Thanks.
Gram Warren
Cheif Information Office